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Low Cost / 20 new, beautiful, stylish hotels of Europe about 150 euro


Italy, Milan, Hotel  Trovail Tempo (90euro) - a small oasis in 20 min. from center. Rooms in the provincial - romantic style and breakfast for choice to bed - perfect combination for a romantic weekend.





Italy, Venice, Hotel Avogaria (120 euro) - a small stylish hotel,only three rooms is good for the fans to sleep longer - warm pastries up to 11.00. In patio-garden, you and your guests will be served dinner, with pleasure. 



Florence, Italy, Hotel Rosso23 (80 euro) - a stone's throw from the main street Tornabuoni. 42 rooms of this old palazzo written in red. A view from the window superiore on 13 th century church of Santa Maria Novella. 




Florence, Italy, HotelPalazzoTolomei (75 euro) - the aristocratic luxury palazzo, spacious and bright rooms, breakfast in a pastry shop or in number and proximity to the Duomo - make this place truly unique. Unforgettable yoga and pilates in the halls of the baroque.



Italy, Rome, HotelLocandaSanPancrazio (120 euro) - worthy of your stay if only for an incomparable view over the rooftops of the Eternal City that opens from the terrace or from the pool.



Netherlands, Amsterdam, HotelCitizenMAmsterdamCity (117euro) - King size bed and sheets made of Italian linen, plasma TVs, and the location could not be better in 2 minutes walk Van Gogh Museum. 





Denmark, Copenhagen, HotelFox (120 euro) - the hotel is a journey into journey.61 number of this hotel are made in completely different styles, graffiti and comic style changes to super romantic or mosaic ... healthy food and bicycles for rent.




England, London, Hotel40 Winks (115 euro) - you get in to the house of interior designer David Carter. This hotel has only 2 rooms and better to book it ahead of time, because there can be seen  actress Kristin Scott-Thomas, preferred a literary evening or fashionable after-party. 






France, Brittany, HotelLaGreedesLandes (130 euro) - the ideal place for those who want to get lost in the province of Brittany. Spa overlooking the green open spaces, biological and creative cuisine - everything you need for a leisure holiday.




France, Biarritz, HotelOxo (70 euro) - the hotel has 20 rooms in elegant beige and silver-black style. Interior by Philippe Starck and Ikea. Rooms 101 and 102 have small balconies. And some of the most delicious croissants!




Paris, France, HotelEldorado (70 euro) - a frequent guest of the hotel, Anna Muglalis (face of the French brand Chanel). It is a very French place, in the garden fresh oysters are served. Two steps to Moulin Rouge and excellent bistro desDames. 





France, Saint-Tropez, HotelErmitage (120 euro) - it all starts with a shuttle to the beach - this is the original tBentli of 50th. 27 rooms - a wonderful mix of vintage, design, and photos of the Terry Richardson. This is a place with history, Gunter Sachs (fifth or sixth husband Bridget Bordeaux) showered with roses is a place for her from the helicopter ...




Dublin, Ireland, HamptonHotel (99 euro) - elegant design, 24 rooms with large bathrooms and a restaurant visited by Dubliners themselves. A lot of pluses  for lovers, for only 125 euros you will be prompted DVD, breakfast / brunch in bed, and late Check-out. The only minus-hotel is located in the business district in half an hour from the center.




Barcelona, Spain, HotelEmma (80 euro) - each hotel designed by Enrico Sarasola is a proper name. Enrique has become a guru in the design of hotels – class ”low cost“, the last project with the name Emma is no exception - spacious rooms with modern design and breakfasts smoothly into the branch up to 12.00.



Barcelona, Spain, HotelPraktik (50 euro) - an ancient palazzo in several minutes from Plaza Catalunya, hotel offers small rooms with big beds and showers for two. The terrace with breakfast until noon. The hotel received the award as "cleanliest  hotel" according to the international booking sites.




Spain, Ibiza, HostalSalinas (100 euro) - on the terrace known DJs replace no less famous guests – whom at night, you will 100%  encounter at the club Pacha, because tickets you will be given directly in the hotel. 






Germany, Berlin, MichelbergerHotel (59 euro) - as soon as you enter you will hear music that you haven’t heard before - ask  Tom, very nice owner of the hotel to write you a disc. The spacious rooms of this hotel has apartments for music bands. The breakfast is always fresh fruit. 




Portugal, Lisbon, HotelResidencialAlegria (53 euro) - a beautiful hotel on the weekend for two - clean rooms, always with fresh flowers. excellent breakfast with local sweets and concierge Olivier, who will give you the best tips and routes.





Czech Republic, Prague, HotelSax (97 euro) - you will love it if you're a fan of style 70th. Rooms as from the films of Antonioni with sleek furnishings. Late check-out and 1 hour massage in the spa - a gift from the hotel.




Sweden, Stockholm, StoryHotel (101 euro) - Bohemian style with photos of the limited editions. Excellent restaurant, for breakfast fresh juices in bottles. Central location and mineral water for free.


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